Who We Are?

Our Mission

To help people convey that the world has a wide variety of cultures. That, we must take the opportunity to learn and appreciate it.



Extraordinary Experiences

I traveled, studied and worked in other countries. From that experience, I learned that there are many things I do not know abroad. There are many things worth learning and experiencing. That, it takes courage to go beyond from where we are right now…

私は色んな国へ旅行し国際結婚した経験から海外では知らないことが沢山あり、私の常識は私の常識でしかないことを痛感しました。人の数の分、考え方があります。 皆さんには一つの事に囚われずに色んな可能性がある事を伝えていけたらと考えています。


Our Core Values